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UnifiMD's DoctorConnect provides  "Unlimited patient communication" emails, text and phone appointment reminders. Bulk text marketing and  patient surveys.

DoctorConnect provides a secure connection to your Lytec, Medisoft and Partner PM system. 

Lytec, Medisoft and Partner Appointment Reminder Module: Less no-shows more revenue

Easily plugs into your Lytec, Medisoft or Partner PM system. 

No-Shows & Notifications Designed for Lytec,Medisoft,Partner


If you struggle with high no-show rates like many healthcare organizations of all

sizes and specialties, here are easily-implemented ideas for reducing those broken appointments through communication.

Adopt automated reminder systems to improve patient communication

An MGMA report on Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups found that 44% of “better performing” practices use an automated call reminder system, compared to only 28% of other practices surveyed. It’s no coincidence that the adoption of this technology is more commonly found in practices designated as better performers across cost management, productivity and

patient satisfaction measures.

Communicate like people - phone, text, and email

Automating patient appointment reminders should include more than just phone calls. Text messaging has grown to be just as valuable in most patients’ daily lives, including older demographics. Many effective appointment reminder strategies include a combination of

phone calls, text messages and emails to ensure patients receive the message. 

Delivering appointment reminders through these channels is a powerful way to extend the shelf-life of your outreach.

Be interactive: Provide multiple ways to respond

One of the benefits of an automated appointment notification is the ability to capture a response from the patient. Having the patient press the phone keypad, reply with a text or click an email to confirm their appointment gives the staff assurance that the patient is aware of the appointment and plans to attend.

Be personal: Allow patients to choose preferred method of notification and language

It’s a simple concept. Give each patient the opportunity to receive an appointment reminder through their preferred communication method, and language. If you do you will see response rates increase across the board. 

It just makes sense that patients will be more willing to interact when you communicate via their preferred method and language. 

Remind patients multiple times and add pertinent information

Lytec and Medisoft Appointment Reminder Module

 You really can’t over-communicate about an upcoming appointment. Repetition can mean the difference between an appointment that’s simply confirmed and one that’s actually attended. Many practices begin a series of reminder messages to patients as far as two weeks out to give patients ample time to make transportation, child care or other arrangements.

Lytec and Medisoft Patient Engagement Module

If the patient is expected to bring any additional information to their visit, this is the perfect place to make sure they remember to do it. This can include lists of medications, insurance cards or anything else the practice needs to deliver on that care opportunity.

Failure to provide this information can sometimes lead to the rescheduling of an appointment, and when this happens, it’s often too late to offer that open appointment time to another patient.

Patient Notifications for Lytec, Medisoft & Partner


An empty waiting room equals an empty bank account

There is no magic. If your patients are not showing up for appointments you have a problem. A big problem. No-shows are the leading cause of a decrease in provider revenue. Lytec and Medisoft now can address this problem and increase your revenue.


Let your software do all the work.

Lytec and Medisoft now includes a patient notification system that supports phone calls, emails, and text messages. 


Reduced No-Shows and increased revenue

Harnessing the power of the patient data in your Lytec or Medisoft PM our reminder solution does all the work and fills your waiting room with informed patients.

New with Lytec 2019 and Medisoft V23

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