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Just added: Patient Health Risk Assessment Tools

 Providers utilizing Lytec and Medisoft now have a solution allowing patients to perform self-assessments. 

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Official AMA CPT Licensing Notification

Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc. will review your software installation an ensure your pricing is accurate and your license is appropriately registered. The new eMDs CPT code search tool will be activated upon registration.

CHS video of the new AMA CPT code search

The features in this video are available in Lytec, Medisoft and Total Practice Partner software solutions. 

 ** CHS has created a library of claims scrubbing warnings designed to be imported into your software to save you hours of labor**

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AMA CPT Code Licensing Agreement

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eMDs was founded in 1996 by David Winn, MD, a board-certified family practice physician with a very strong business background who understood the value of having an integrated practice management system which helped physicians focus on patients while optimizing practice financials.  Dr. Winn was dissatisfied with offerings on the market, and set out to create his own. The eMDs clinic was first implemented in 1998.  Using our own practice management system meant we fully understood what it takes to create the perfect EHR system and why the company built our reputation upon being a highly usable system.

Many years later, we’ve retained the same values from our early days. We are dedicated to building the best integrated EHR and RCM systems and services. We focus on listening to our customers. And most importantly, we focus on making the practice of medicine enjoyable and fulfilling.