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Save up to 20% on your Lytec 2020 upgrade,. Ask how..

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What's new in lytec 2020

Lytec HIPAA Compliance Warning (pdf)


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Lytec 2020 is the best Lytec upgrade ever.

 Lytec powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new Lytec release Lytec gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to Lytec 2020. 

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Lytec 2020: The most powerful Lytec upgrade ever!

The UnifiMD EMR Suite


UnifiMD EMR Suite: Designed by Lytec Users for Lytec Users.

Lytec users have  been waiting for a Lytec integrated EMR that is easy top use and affordable. We are so sure that you will love UnifiMD EMR that we are including Lytec 2020 for FREE!  

UnifiMD unleashes the power of your Lytec 2020 patient data. The UnifiMD EMR is your gateway to connecting your Lytec 2020 patient data to industry leading solutions. These solutions offer medication management, electronic medical records, appointment reminders, MIPS, MACRA, patient portal, secure messaging, patient education and more.

Let Lytec 2020 and UnifiMD EMR makes practice management and meeting clinical requirements easy. 

Lytec 2020 incredible discounts


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1. If you have Lytec version 2019 you save 10% on Lytec 2020 upgrade.

2. If you have Lytec version 2018 you save 15% on Lytec 2020 upgrade.

3. If you have Lytec version 2017/ older you save 20% on Lytec 2020 upgrade.

* Ask about our UnifiMD EMR designed for Lytec 2020

Let our experts do your billing and your Lytec is free


Your practices deserves to have the very best medical billing service. We will increase your revenue and reduce your stress.

Medical billing is more complex then ever before. Let our 100% US based AAPC Lytec certified medical billers work for you. We provide full revenue cycle management services and work as an extension of your practice. Ask about our Lytec 2020 and UnifiMD EMR offer.

Easy to Use UnifiMD EMR includes Lytec 2020

Lytec EMR UnifiMD eMDs

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Medical Billing Services RCM Lytec

Special Pricing on Lytec 2020

Lytec PM LytecMD UnifiMD

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Go Paperless: Lytec 2020 Document Management, Scanning & e-Faxing

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Free 30 Day Trial - Appointment Reminders for Lytec 2020

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