Lytec PM and LytecMD Cloud Solutions

One low monthly payment replaces your annual service, support, assurance and electronic claims fees.  Best of all: no more servers in your office. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Benefits of Lytec & LytecMD Cloud-Based EHR

5 Advantages of migrating your Lytec and LytecMD to the cloud

 1. Lytec and LytecMD implementation and support is much simpler using the cloud-based platform.

Your Lytec and LytecMD software runs on on our CHS Lytec Cloud. Instead of servers and computers in your office.

2. Practices realize tremendous savings after migrating to the CHS Lytec and LytecMD Cloud. 

Your monthly CHS Lytec and LytecMD Cloud Hosting fee includes annual eMDs assurance, CHS support, claims processing, eligibility, ERA, off-site backup and all product updates and upgrades.

3. Lytec and LytecMD server IT resource requirements are significantly reduced.

Once live on our CHS Lytec and LytecMD Cloud you will no longer require servers in your office. 

Practices have saved thousands of dollars a year by reducing IT related fees for Lytec and LytecMD servers, WEBVIEW servers, and offsite backup.

Lytec and LytecMD software upgrades as well as Windows Operating system upgrades and all patches are managed by CHS.

4. Lytec and LytecMD Cloud-based software users have accessibility from any internet connection.

The ability to safely access your system outside of the office allows physicians, staff and patients to manage healthcare more effectively in a secure environment and provide better care.

5. Adding Lytec and LytecMD licenses is simplified with the CHS Cloud-based platform.

Traditional Lytec and LytecMD license purchases required large upfront fees and annual fees. You also needed to pay for installation and most likely additional labor for your IT person. Now it is as simple as ordering a few more connections, identify as concurrent or floating user and your monthly fee adjusts and you are up and running.

Special Offer!

Join the CHS Lytec and LytecMD Cloud-based solution prior to April 2020 receive 30 days of Cloud Faxing for free.

There is a 500 page limit during your free trial period.


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