Top 5 Lytec Applications

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Need to connect with your patients? Need to work from home?

Single log-on and everything you need is at your fingertips.


Lytec in the Cloud. Access 24/7 from anywhere.

Lytec is now in the cloud.  No need for expesnive servers or costly off-site backup services. Your data is accessble 24/7 from our secure connection. This means that you and your staff can run your practice from home or anywhere you may be at the time of need.


Telehealth , Secure Messaging and Patient Portal

Integrated Updox Telemedicine, Secure Messaging and Patient Portal to manage patients appointments and deliver the highest level of patient care during a time when face to face visits are not recommended.


Fax Management From Anywhere

Staff members may be working from home. Give them the tools to manage your day to day workflow with our integrated Cloud Faxing solution. Send, receive, edit, file and retrieve faxes quickly and easily with no paper. 


Patient and healthcare providers communication platform

Improve healthcare delivery by managing all communication on one platform. Patients, staff, providers and referring physicians can communicate quickly and easily.. 


Patient Medication Management

Integrated DrFirst Rcopia, EPCS and PDMP gives providers access to medication history data access, legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing, and patient medication adherence support.