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Below is a list of the reports already in Reports Pro, and this list is growing.

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  1. Anesthesia Units Billed
  2. Appointment Collections Report
  3. Patient Emails by Appointments
  4. Attorney Statement
  5. A/R Totals Aging with Expected by Date 1st Billed
  6. Balances Due Aged by Date of Service
  7. Biopsy Billing Report
  8. Categorized Transaction Journal
  9. Charts and Billing Numbers
  10. Charge Reimbursement by Zip Code
  11. Detailed Charge Extraction Data with Payments
  12. Charges with No Locations
  13. Collections Export
  14. Procedure Reimbursement by Month
  15. Procedure Code Analysis Detail
  16. Procedure Code Analysis Summary
  17. Procedure Code Ledger
  18. Days in Aging by Date of Service
  19. Days in Aging by Entry Date
  20. Days in Aging by Billing Created Date
  21. Deposit Detail Report
  22. Deposit Summary Report
  23. Diagnosis Code Analysis – Top 100
  24. Date of Service Listing
  25. Facilities Charges by Insurance
  26. Patient Listing by Facility
  27. Hospitalist Charges
  28. Hospitalist Charge Counts
  29. Insurance Charge Analysis with Expected Amounts
  30. Linked Transaction List
  31. MMR / VZV Report
  32. Monthly Procedure Code Analysis
  33. Billings with Non-Zero Balances (that appear to be zero balances)
  34. Multi-Practice Practice Analysis
  35. Patient Age at Date of Service
  36. Patient Diagnosis Codes
  37. Patients by Insurance
  38. Patient Geographic Report with Referring Provider
  39. Practice List
  40. Payment Totals Report
  41. Physician Quality Reporting (PQRS) Export
  42. Patient List by Location
  43. Charges and Payments Summary by Patient Code
  44. Patient Mail by Appointment Dates
  45. Patients Billed
  46. Payer Mix by Category
  47. Payer Mix by Adjustments
  48. Payer Mix by Charges
  49. Payer Mix by Payments
  50. Payer Mix by Patient Chart
  51. Payer Mix by Visit Count
  52. Provider Activity Report
  53. Pharyngitis
  54. QCH Export
  55. Referring Physician Analysis
  56. Reimbursement by Diagnosis
  57. Reimbursement by Facility
  58. Reimbursement (Payment Application) Report
  59. Reimbursement by Facility Detail
  60. RVU Report
  61. Transaction Code by Location
  63. User Productivity Report
  64. Well Visit Report

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