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UnifiMD Lytec Full EHR Suite & Medisoft Full EHR Suite

Practices require solutions to everyday problems. Providers, staff and patients are suffering as time is wasted, costs rise, and stress continues to build. All of which results in unhappy patients and a challenge to providing high quality patient care, as well as the inevitable staff turnover, provider burn out and lost revenue.

The UnifiMD Connectivity Platform and the UnifiMD Lytec and Medisoft EMR Suite include unlimited service, support and upgrades as well as the following solutions.  


  • 1. Unlimited Patient Communications: (Text, email, calls)
  •   a. Appointment Reminders:  No more no-shows.
  •   b. Waitlist Notifications:  Quickly fill open spots.
  •   c. Bulk Messaging:  Marketing, education and newsletters.
  •   d. Recalls: Follow-ups,  Fill gaps in care. Medication adherence.
  •   e. Patient Surveys:  Patient feedback to improve your practice.
  •   f. Online Reviews:  Improve your online reputation. Grow your practice.
  •   g. Website Reviews:  Add the best patients reviews to your website.
  •   h. Online Scheduling:  Generate appointments. Reduce call volume.
  •   i. Payment Reminders:  Improve cashflow and increase revenue.
  • 2. Cloud Faxing
  •   a. Integration via UnifiMD to your Lytec referring provider list
  •   b. Integration via UnifiMD to your Lytec patient chart
  •   c. Easy to use UnifiMD Notifications Dashboard
  •   d. 1000 faxes per month (.06 per additional fax)
  • 3. Electronic Prescriptions (eRX)
  •   a. Integration via UnifiMD to your Lytec patient
  •   b. Easy to use UnifiMD Notifications Dashboard
  •   c. Electronic Prescribing of Legend and Controlled Substances
  •   d. U.S. listing of pharmacies
  •   e. Medication history
  •   f. Drug to drug contraindication warnings
  •   g. Allergy alerts
  •   h. Problem lists
  •    i. Patient adherence monitoring
  • 4. Patient Portal
  •   a. Integrated via UnifiMD to your Lytec patient
  •   b. Easy to use UnifiMD Notifications Dashboard
  •   c. Enroll and communicate securely
  • 5. Secure Messaging
  •   a. Share HPI safely and securely
  •   b. Easy to use UnifiMD Notifications Dashboard
  •   c. Meet MIPS/MU requirements
  • 6. ICD-10 “Smart Search”
  •   a. Fully integrated to UnifiMD
  •   b. Electronic superbill
  •   c. ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversions
  • 7. Insurance Billing Solutions
  •   a. Electronic Claims, eligibility and ERAs
  •   b. Easy to use UnifiMD Notifications Dashboard 

* UnifiMD/Lytec/Medisoft Suites are personalized to meet your needs.  The Suite listed above represents some of the features included in the $ 499.00 per month per provider offering.

UnifiMD Full EMR Suite

UnifiMD delivers both modular API solutions as well as a full EMR suite. You have the flexibility to start with just the solutions you need and add as you want, or begin with a personalized EMR solution. 

View the Complete EMR Suite


Medical Billing Service


UnifiMD:Your Connectivity Platform & UnifiMD Lytec and Medisoft EMR Suite


Integrated Connectivity Platform for Lytec & Medisoft Practice Management Users

UnifiMD® offers Lytec Practice Management Users both client server and web based connectivity platforms. Through our Universal Data Share technology, we provide a single sign-on connectivity platform to help users push/pull patient data to and from various applications without dual data entry.

We have one of the only Lytec Practice Management specific interactive API libraries in the healthcare industry, allowing Lytec Practice Management users to easily connect to leading applications such as;

  • Updox® Platform
  • DrFirst® Platform
  • Health Language®
  • ​MedLinePlus​​®

Not ready for an EMR, but you need clinical applications? The UnifiMD Connectivity Platform is your answer.  Finally Lytec customers can add "just" the modules they need to run their office.

UnifiMD's DrFirst API Connection

Watch the video and learn why Lytec and Medisoft users LOVE UnifiMD's Connectiviy Platform.

Lytec & Medisoft API's

Not ready for a full EMR. Plug-in just the solution you need.

Patient Data Category Request API Manual

Do you work with a third party that needs API Access to your system?

Download our Patient Data Request API instructions here.  Complete with sample applications, a demo webserver and full installation and configuration instructions

Imagine keeping the PM you love being able to "plug-in" the solutions you need.

UnifiMD Full EMR Suite


Lytec & Medisoft New Full EMR Suite

Easy to learn, easy to use and extremely powerful.

Providers don't necessarily want and EMR, but they need an EMR. 

The UnifiMD EMR Suite is unique because it was developed by Lytec and Medisoft users for Lytec and Medisoft users.

This means the UnifiMD EMR Suite is easy to use, the price won't break the bank, it includes implementation, training, support and MIPS consulting.

*UnifiMD is available to customers on the latest versions of Lytec and Medisoft PM. 

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