UnifiMD EMR & Lytec PM Software Detail

An EMR finally designed by the medical community

 UnifiMD is the easiest to use EMR, fully integrated to Lytec/Medisoft PM.

  • DrFirst e-prescribing (Legacy and Controlled Substances)
  • Patient Education
  • UpDox Patient Portal
  • Direct Messaging
  • Electronic Labs
  • Workflow Enhancements
  • Interoperability

UnifiMD is an easy to use EMR designed by Lytec/Medisoft Users for Lytec/Medisoft Users. 

Are you frustrated with software that requires dozens of clicks to document a visit? 

Try UnifiMD. 

Our customers LOVE how easy it is to use. 

One of our customers experienced staff turn-over and the new clinicians were using it on their first day and did not need additional training.

UnifiMD is personalized to your practice and easy to customize. The system simply works!

Practice Management Software that runs your practice

Lytec PM improves productivity by

providing control and vision into your revenue.    

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Referral Management
  • e-Faxing Capabilities
  • EDI Scrubber and Dashboards
  • Denial Management
  • Copay and Balance Collections
  • Credit Card Integration

Adding the easy to use UnifiMD EMR completes your practice healthcare IT needs.

With Lytec’s and Medisoft's proven practice management system, your practice can capture each precious cent of revenue, reduce administrative burdens, and improve reimbursements for the care you deliver. 

A powerful workflow engine helps you manage scheduling, billing and revenue management. 

The system is built to help you accurately capture claims data in the updated ICD-10 coding standards. There is a reason billing services use Lytec/Medisoft. It's proven software. 

MedlinePlus - Integrated Patient Education

What is MedlinePlus? How do patients or providers benefit from MedlinePlus?

MedlinePlus® CONNECT

MedlinePlus.gov offers free, reliable, up-to-date health information in English and Spanish, with no advertisements. Content is from reputable providers, including the National Institutes of Health, and other government and professional organizations. MedlinePlus helps millions of visitors a year access

  • Information on hundreds of diseases, conditions and wellness topics
  • Interactive tutorials, videos and other multimedia
  • An illustrated medical encyclopedia, dictionary definitions, and health news
  • Medication and supplement information
  • Links to health information in over 40 languages
  • and much more…

MedlinePlus is your trusted source for health information. MedlinePlus Connect brings this reputable health information to patients, families, and health care providers when they need it via their patient portal, EHR or the UnifiMD Connectivity Platform. 

​​DrFirst® Platform - eRX

What is DrFirst? How do patients and providers benefit from DrFirst?

 ​DrFirst® Platform 

DrFirst pioneers software solutions and services that provide real-time access to patient data, improve communication and collaboration at the point of care. 

  • ​Rcopia
  • EPCS Gold
  • MedHx
  • PatientAdvisor

 Medication Management Platform

  • E-Prescribing Legend Drugs & Controlled Substances
  • Medication Reconciliation & Medication History Data
  • Predictive Analytics & Medication Order Content
  • Medication Database Consulting
  • Medication Accuracy, Provider Efficiency and Patient Safety

 Medication Adherence Platform

  • In-Workflow Patient Medication Adherence Monitoring
  • Adherence Scorecards & At-Risk Alerts
  • Clinical, Behavioral & Financial Support Tools
  • Integrated Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)
  • Better Adherence, Better Engagement, Better Health Outcomes

​​Updox® Platform - Patient Portal

What is Updox? How do patients and providers benefit from Updox?

 ​Updox® Platform 

Start using Updox to manage all your patient communications, referrals, and faxes in one web-based universal inbox that is fully integrated with Lytec/Medisoft Practice Management Patient data. Increase your revenues, increase patient satisfaction, and improve the efficiency of your office.

  • Patient Portal
  • Direct Secure Email
  • Electronic Fax
  • Patient Engagement Messaging
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Alerts
  • Patient Surveys and Forms

 Benefits of Updox

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate paper, toner, and phone line costs with Inbound / Outbound Electronic Fax
  • Free up staff by eliminating document scanning and be able to share them electronically
  • Reduce phone calls and mailing costs by sharing information on the Patient Portal
  • Access your faxes from and patient communications from any computer
  • Electronically sign and annotate any document and import directly into a patient’s chart

​Health Language®

What is Health Language? How do patients and providers benefit from Health Language?

 ​Health Language® 

Problems and Diagnoses Search and Documentation Resource to increase clinician satisfaction and ease the transition to ICD-10.

Improve Problem and Diagnosis Searching within your Lytec/Medisoft Superbill 

Inaccurately documenting ICD-10 and SNOMED CT codes at the point of care can have financial impact and reduce the effectiveness of analytics within your organization. 

By embedding enhanced problem and diagnosis search terminologies into your Lytec Superbill, you can make this transition seamless for end users and increase clinician satisfaction. 

We’ve created the Lytec connectivity to help you:

  • Increase clinician satisfaction by automatically mapping common colloquialisms and abbreviations to ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED CT
  • Guide clinicians to appropriate codes that are essential for prompt payment of claims
  • Discover the benefits of Health Language's Workflow Enhancing Search solution

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UnifiMD EMR Software Summary

Electronic Faxing


Save time, money & lots of paper with Cloud Faxing. You can securely send, organize & save inbound & outbound documents with just a click. 

Electronic Prescribing


Minimum Disruption. Maximum Flexibility.

Award Winning Medication Management and Patient Adherence Monitoriing

Physician/Clinician Dashboards


Stay organized. Use the physician/clinician dashboard to track your daily tasks, appointments, priority items & staff communications. 

Patient Education Libriary


MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. 

ICD-10 Coding Assistant


Problems and Diagnoses Search and Documentation Resource to increase clinician satisfaction and ease the transition to ICD-10. 

Clinical Encounters


Chart prepping, visit documentation, coordination of care, and MIPS and MU reporting. Data collection your way. You can type, click, speak - it's the easiest and smartest system ever made.

We perform a detailed practice / patient workflow discovery session - FREE

The power of UnifiMD is its ability to be personalized to each practice and individual provider. Meaning you control how it looks, how it works, and the way you document visits.

Certifications & Services


EMR Certification

UnifiMD has earned certification and qualifies for incentive plans.

Agnostic HL7 Interface Engine

Connectivity made easy. Labs, Rads, Text, Immunizations and Devices. 

FIGmd Certification

Multiple speciality and registry reporting options. Our MIPS and MU consulting department manages your reporting needs.

DrFirst Certification

Prescribe legend and controlled substances safely and correctly, while monitoring patient adherence and safety.

HealthLanguage Integration

Simply the best ICD-10 DX assistance available today.

Costs & Limitations