Help me help you. A VAR Story

Ever feel like Jerry Maguire trying to help your customers. Doesn't matter if it is a Lytec or Medisoft upgrade, appointment reminders, or billflash. 

Getting providers to let us help them can be a struggle.

Don't give up - learn to communicate!


We provide marketing, sales assistance, unlimited training and end-user support.


Your customers remain your customers. Always!

CHS FREE Marketing Program


Subsidized UnifiMD, Lytec and Medisoft marketing campaigns to your customer base. Product slicks, postcards, and email templates personalized to your company are included.

Sales Cycle Management


CHS assists in performing joint customer calls, discoveries, product demos, references, proposals and help closing the deal. 

20% Recurring Revenue Share


Earn 20% of initial fees as well as 20% of the UnifiMD monthly recurring fees. We do all the work and you collect your commissions.

Benefits of becoming a UnifiMD partner.

Designed for Lytec and Medisoft


Lytec and Medisoft users are desperate for solutions that look, feel, and work like their PM. UnifiMD is an easy to use "plug-in" to their Lytec or Medisoft PM minimizing ramp-up time. 

EMR Suite or Individual Modules


Whether you need an EMR or just a module or two, UnifiMD gives you the flexibility to personalize solutions to your customers needs. Protect your base and generate revenue.

You OWN the Customer


The customer is King and Queen! You own the customer relationship and decide what products and services are provided, period.

Partner Training and Support


Every Partner is different, you may want to handle every aspect of UnifiMD, none or a joint effort. You will receive the level of product training and support you desire. 

End-user Training and Support


End-user training is unlimited. The CHS implementation team performs discoveries, software configuration and trains the practice.

Marketing & Sales Assistance


Our proven marketing strategies generates leads and our sales cycle management assistance ensures a high closing ratio. your success is our focus.  

Where VARs come to partner, thrive and grow.

Leverage resources from the entire channel.

Gain access to marketing, sales, implementation, support resources and industry expertise.

Over 22 years of VAR experience and 30+ years of providing healthcare IT solutions provides the foundation for the best VAR channel ever created.

Providing resources such as marketing assistance, pre-sales, sales and post sales management, marketing plans, messaging, solutions, products and services as well as implementation, training, and ongoing support. 

You are no longer alone!

UnifiMD Partners utilize a wide range of free channel resources to protect their customer base and grow their business.

You know us. Let us work for you!

Carey Penna


Julee Carlson


Joe Nompleggi


Regina Morgan


Your EMR Answer.


Mike Penna


Read the UnifiMD Story

UnifiMD Partnership Program Story (pdf)


The best channel ever created.


Partnership is more than a VAR / Vendor relationship

Our Partnership Program enhances the traditional VAR distribution model by leveraging the combined assets and resources of vendor with that of the individual VAR business.

CHS provides full business resources to our Partners. This includes resources during all aspects of the sales cycle and ongoing customer support and maintenance.


If it's not great for our VAR Partners it's not great for the UnifiMD Partnership Program

Decisions are made through the lenses of the end-user and the VAR. 


Although difficult to balance, every effort is made to continue product growth, competitiveness, and industry branding with clear vision and understanding of the needs of our VAR Partners and their customer base.


It takes a VAR community - this is where you belong.

VAR Partners are treated equally. The open collaboration of ideas, risk assessments, mitigating factors, resolutions and success stories sets the foundation for a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Partnership Program builds strength through-out the channel. One success is a success for all Partners. Resources are shared by all, creating a single movement: SUCCESS! 

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UnifiMD Sales and Support Education

Partners are welcome to attend free educational webinars. Topics include industry regulations, product and services offered through the channel and basic business essentials, like marketing plans, data mining, branding and support configurations.

Marketing and Sales Support

Marketing material, slicks, post cards, emails are provided at no fee. Sales support such as customer focused webinars, sales demonstrations, quoting assistance, and customer financing are just a few of the benefits you will be able leverage as you grow your business. 

Personalized Solution Development

Your offering may be as personalized and unique as you wish. Partners are welcomed to create their own brand and go to market solution suite. 

End-User Implementation Services

Partners wishing to pass along the heavy lifting may choose to have CHS perform their end-user implementation services.

This is a great option for Partners with limited implementation staff.

On-going End-User Support and Product Management

UnifiMD Partners are welcome to participate in the continued reviews and design of the UnifiMD Suite and Partnership Program.

Channel Success Spotlight


Practice Choice EMR Transitions

Currently there are over a dozen providers in the process of transitioning from Practice Choice to their UnifiMD EMR solution. 

Many have decided to include a Medical Billing Service solution.

SOAPware EMR Transitions

Currently there are many SOAPware providers in one phase or another of transitioning to the UnifiMD EMR solution. 

LytecMD EMR Customers looking for all in one solutions

We have been able to "save" providers considering a move from LytecMD. They are still using their beloved Lytec PM and our UnifiMD EMR.

Full discloser - CHS actively sells, services and supports LytecMD.

Medisoft Clinical EMR Customers struggling to report MIPS

We have been able to "save" providers considering a move from Medisoft Clinical. They are still using their beloved Medisoft PM and our UnifiMD EMR. 

Full discloser - CHS actively sells, services and supports Medisoft Clinical.

EPCS Requirements for late adopters

There are countless providers that will NEVER adopt an EMR, however are required to electronically prescribe. CHS has been extremely successful implementing the UnifiMD Medication Management module in these practices.

Providers also upgraded their Lytec or Medisoft to meet UnifiMD’ s minimum requirements and are now compliant.

Billing Service End-User Programs

Many billing services using either Lytec or Medisoft have experienced the heartache of losing their customer base to all in one solutions like eCW, AdvancedMD or Athena.

The UnifiMD Suite can be sold through the billing services to their end-user allowing them to compete and protect their database.

Partnership Program Enrollment

Make 2019 a year to remember - for the right reasons.

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