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Lytec 2020 Document Management and Patient Engagement Module

Lytec 2020 users are enjoying the most powerful upgrade and companion product ever released. The UnifiMD Document Management and Patient Engagement Module powers your practice, streamlines workflows, improves patient satisfaction and increases revenues. Learn more today by calling 800.250.8687.

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UnifiMD is not just an EMR. 

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Lytec: the best PM system in the U.S.

Lytec appointment scheduling

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Lytec is the most robust, feature rich practice management system designed for independent healthcare providers. Lytec leads the industry in core SQL stability and a wide range of API connections to powerful add-on solutions. Ask about our free document management offer.

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Lytec 2020 New features for a healthier practice

Accounts Receivable Manager

Lytec eligibility

The New Lytec 2020 A/R Tracking Module offers practices the ability to drill down into their Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding claims or statements. 

Real-Time Claim Status Checking


You can now initiate a true claim status check through your Lytec 2020 clearinghouse and receive an electronic response that updates the status of claims.  Ask about our UnifiMD EMR and free Lytec support. 

Payment Processing Upgragdes


Batch posting of remittances in Lytec 2020 now allows partial postings. Print an EOB for a single claim, to a find single claim that you are ready to post, making you more efficient. 

Medicare MBI Billing Format


Lytec 2020 supports the transition to the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) and prevents mistyping the number. 

Front Office Management Tools


The shift of payment responsibility over to patients makes it more important than ever to get up to date eligibility and benefits information with your Lytec 2020 upgrade.

iPad & iPhone Mobility

Lytec Mobile

Lytec 2020 Mobile 3.2 has been given an over-haul. It now includes a new user interface, new levels of customization for your superbills and patient questionnaires, as well as support for Apple iPhone and iPad. 

Lytec Connectivity Platform - put your data to work

Online Appointment Scheduling

Lytec Reminders

Lytec 2020 reduces time spent on scheduling appointments by phone.  Patients can schedule and request appointments from a website, and enter basic demographic information which will speed up the intake process when a patient checks in at the office. Ask about our UnifiMD EMR and free Lytec support.

Appointment Reminder Solution

Lytec Appointment Reminders

Reduce No-Shows and increase your revenue. The unlimited email,text, call reminder system integrates directly to your appointment scheduler. Lytec 2020 has it all!

Integrated Practice Marketing

Lytec Patient Engagement

Keep in contact with your patients. Let them know about you and your practice. Send birthday wishes and newsletter blasts.  Ask about Lytec 2020, our UnifiMD EMR and free Lytec support. 

Integrated Cloud Faxing

Updox faxing

Save time and money and get rid of your old fax machine. Integrated cloud faxing allows you to store documents directly in your Lytec 2020 patient chart.

Medication Management Module

electronic prescriptions DrFirst Lytec

Use your Lytec 2020 EMR - UnifiMD to manage all Legend and Controlled substances, track Med History, patient Adherence while meeting all state and federal regulations. 

Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

ICD-10 Lytec

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, quickly using natural language, code, description or  clicking on an anatomical diagrams.  Included in Lytec 2020.

Lytec & UnifiMD Easiest EMR Ever

UnifiMD EMR Suite - Lytec 2020 plug-in.


Designed by Lytec Users for Lytec Users UnifiMD is an add-on module to your Lytec practice management software solution.

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